Cyber security has become an important area of concern to many organization with the rise of the digital age. Taking the necessary steps to ensure that the data and the information in a company’s database are safe, has resulted in various methods being deduced to curb the problem. Among the top key tips include being careful on what one downloads, enabling two factors authentication and considering oneself as a target for hackers.

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Before making downloads, it is essential to have ample information about the site one is downloading contents from. The digital age has made it possible to make downloads from hundreds of legitimate sites. A section of these sites have contents that are bogus, harmful and with malware designed to steal personal and financial information. It is, therefore, advisable to ask oneself whether a given site is well known, whether it is the real site or a clone and whenever possible avoid download links sent via email.

When it comes to passwords, enabling two factors authentication should be done. Users should always ensure that they have generated unique and strong passwords for every service. While this can pose to be a challenge especially when it comes to remembering the passwords, a password manager can be used to store these passwords. Besides, the passwords can be generated whenever necessary to fill the log in fields for a user.


Being suspicious by considering oneself a potential victim of cyber crime is key. Anybody can be a victim of hacking and thus advisable to trust no one over the internet. For maximum cyber security, users should scrutinize and whenever possible avoid gifts, turn down invitations and avoid performing specific actions on a computer when requested through phishing emails. The current security landscape calls for acknowledging that private data is under high threat from cyber-criminals. Above all, software should be kept up to date because hackers have been targeting vulnerable software in unpatched applications.