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Linux Server Cloud
Linux Upgrades
To be secure, your operating system needs to be kept up to date and be proactively patched and monitored.
Linux Server Setup
Server Hardening
When we setup a server or take over a server we will go through the process of server hardening.
Linux Control Panel
Linux Control Panel
We can help with your control panel configuration when setting up or taking over your dedicated server management.
Linux Control Panels
We have experience in all Linux Control Panels
Do you currently have an issue with your control panel on your dedicated server? We have vast experience in cPanel, Plesk, ISPConfig, Ajenti, Kloxo, OpenPanel, ZPanel, EHCP, ispCP, VHCS, RavenCore, Virtualmin, WebMin, DTC, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, Froxlor, BlueOnyx, ISPsystem and last but not least Vesta CP.
Linux Server Issues
Troubleshooting Linux Server issues
Do you currently have an issue with your Linux server and not know how to tackle it? Before signing up to our service you can contact us and we can talk over your requirement and how we should be able to assist you in fixing your server issues you currently face.
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Linux Is Better Than Windows
When choosing a dedicated server, Linux is always the better choice ...

Why Linux over Windows?

Every web hosting service provider makes use of one operating system or the other. There are different operating systems which the web hosting provider can use, and they include Linux, Macintosh, UNIX, and Window. From the experiences of the providing companies, it is apparent that one OS is always preferred over and above the others.

However, of all the operating systems it is only the Linux and Windows operating systems that are in hot demand among the service providers.

It is because the two OS provide the most efficient and most reliable service regarding performance. The truth is that each of the two systems may have one or two areas where its performance and quality of service is better than the other. When it comes to their general performance and preference, most people are of the opinion that Linux hosting is better than the window hosting web hosting.
Dedicated Linux servers provide a smoother more robust path

Linux provides ease of use

The area where the effectiveness of Linux is quickly noticed and indeed preferred to the Windows is the easiness with which the servers can be accessed. The ease with which the server is accessed determines the efficiency and the reliability of the operating system. It is true that both operating systems I mean Linux and Windows have the FTP system.

The advantage of Linux over Windows is that Linux, in addition, offers telnet or SSH system which Windows do not have. The use of Telnet or SSH by Linux is a plus because it makes Linux powered servers to offer right to provide more reliable services. It is a big advantage which Linux has offer Windows it facilitates the easiness with which sites are hosted on Linux.
Linux Server Being Fixed
Linux Performance
We can provide a better configuration to get the best out of your server

Linux provides better performance

The other advantage which Linux enjoys over Windows includes the offer of other server side scripts like PHP. It is not that Windows do not provide that functionality but that of Linux operating system is better.

When it comes to the running and operating of the databases such as mySQL, then it is better to run it in Linux than the Windows due to the development process that dictates it performs better on a Linux distro.

Even in the area of security which is the most important factor to consider in choosing an OS, Linux is superior because it offers more functionality, unlike the Windows which is more vulnerable to attack and slow with patching exploits that are discovered which leaves you and your server management company vunerable.
Utilizing Linux as your dedicated server for your website will save money