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Keeping your servers up to date
Server security means security for your personal information and for the personal information of all of the people who choose to shop on your web pages. Amidst the various threats on the internet today, it's always a good idea for business organizations, publishers and webmasters to secure the servers they use for their networks.

Never be complacent because people with bad intentions on the internet are lurking around and they can strike any website even your own at a time you least expect it. There are many ways you can protect your important files and data from possible threats. Of primary importance is your vigilance and strong desire to learn about what's happening in the internet world moving forward. In short, be in the know as often as possible about the latest risks and what you can do to prevent attacks on your servers.

Ensuring that your server's built-in firewall is properly functioning is another way to combat internet threats. Make sure as well that you have a network firewall attached to your server for best security.

Experts advise that if everything is working well with your server, you must close all ports not in use. These can include ports for file-sharing, web conferencing and printing.
Server Up To Date Service
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Server Management Credit Card Payments
Servers that accept credit card payments
If you have a web site that accepts credit card payments from your clients and your server security is breached then the personal information of all of your clients will be in danger of being stolen and used by a criminal that does not have the authority to use it.

That means your customers will have their identities stolen, or at the very least, they will have charges on their credit cards that they did not make. A lack of server security is what caused the recent problems with Target, and the other establishments that had their customer's information stolen during the Holiday season. Target and the stores that did not make certain their server security was working at its top level of performance are now being held accountable for all of the fraudulent charges that were made to the credit card accounts of their customers, and there may be more lawsuits and repercussions in the future.

All of these items can be used to establish accounts that the real person may not be aware of until their credit is ruined by fraudulent charges, and lack of payment. You always want to make certain that the server that you are placing any information into is secure.

Often all of these componenets can make for a lot of work, thats why we are on hand to help asisst you with your online server management should you need us.
Keeping a server up to date is a full time job, make sure that you have the time or budget to do so
Protect Server Breaches
Protect your data from breaches
To keep your data protected, appointing dedicated cyber security services should be number one on your list of services to start. When it comes to server management, its proven time and time again to help businesses by detecting and sorting breaches faster.
Vulnerability Detection
Offering more than just vulnerability detection
One of our key tasks is to stress test and server hardening but we also offer up additional information related to how your server is currently performing and where the process can be improved so that you can squeeze more performance out of your current server configuration.
Cyber Security is just a part of our service, we can offer a great deal more in way of expertise
Server Security
Server Security for your dedicated server
Server security is a key element for you to consider when you are selecting a web hosting service to place your website information on.
Hiring a Professional Cyber Security firm
If you currently have a dedicated server and are not actively maintaining it then it is the right time to start, cyber security is the number one concern for businesses today and its important you look after your data the right way.
Professional Cyber Security