What to consider before hiring professional cyber security

Cyber threats have become a real concern in this 21st century. Nothing is perfect in this world we live in, and it is no secret that bad things tend to happen to good people thanks to the internet. To mitigate the attacks, individuals and organizations are turning to hiring professional cyber security. It may sound easy to advertise and get the right person for the job, but it is not. There are things that need to be considered by employers before hiring professional cyber security and here are some.

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Talent, experience and post-hire training.

Most job descriptions put much emphasis on experience most of the time forgetting talent. This is very very wrong since it is skewed to buying rather than building. This attitude does not provide enough opportunity for the raw talent that can be exploited and yield the best of results. Taking raw talent and training it will solve more cyber crimes than what technology will solve on its own. Experience and talent both need be considered for optimum results. Having experienced workforce working with the raw talent will also provide a platform for the raw talent to be mentored by the already experienced professional. Post-hire training should also be provided when necessary.


Security certifications are key. A cyber security professional with a certification or multiple certifications is a great indication that he or she is the right fit for the job. Certifications are not a guarantee that they will make better employees or are better skilled; they create an elimination basis of remaining with the competent candidates.

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Checking the basics

Employers can ask basic questions during the interview. Lack of basic knowledge of major cyber threats points in the direction of other important skill deficiencies. Researching on the cyber attack vectors that you suffer most and checking whether the candidate is well informed in that area helps in assessing the candidate.

The above tips should help in hiring the right professional cyber security to help neutralize cyber threats and attacks.